Young and Participating - YoPa

 Three young people, a boy and two girls seen from the left, sit next to each other. The image is yellow tinted. The guy looks at an iPad while the girls look at their mobiles.
Three young people. lev dolgachov

The starting point for the research is that environmental adaptations can create good possibilities for children and young people to be involved citizens in the changing society of today.

The target group includes people with activity limitations in their everyday lives. The interaction between children and young people and their opportunities for participation in home, school and further employment is central. The focus of the research group is digital participation, initiatives in the home, school and work, as well as transitions in school and further employment.

Digital participation - YoPa

Digitalisation has great potential to enable activity and participation in school and everyday life for children and young people with disabilities, but since it is a relatively new phenomenon, there is a lack of knowledge in the area. Research is conducted on what opportunities and obstacles digital technology entails for the target group and how digital technology as support works practically in the child's and young person's everyday life.

Efforts in home, school and work -YoPa

The school must give all children equal opportunities for development and learning. Children with disabilities do not have the same opportunity to participate in school activities on equal terms as other children, which may affect their adult life. Therefore, the effect of general adaptations but also person-centred interventions are studied based on the individual's perceived need for adaptations and support in the home, school and work environment.

Transitions in school and further employment - YoPa

Transitions are a critical point for participation in activity, especially for people with disabilities. Research is therefore conducted with special regard to transitions in school, the transition to upper secondary school and to further studies and / or working life. A method to facilitate transitions in compulsory school is being researched, as well as whether designed interventions are sustainable and give people with disabilities increased opportunities over time to complete their studies and have an effect on the transition to and between jobs.

Research projects