AI, Learning and Schools is an interdisciplinary network for research on AI and education in primary and secondary schools. The network is run jointly by the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Faculty of Educational Sciences.

The network has been active since January 2021 and brings together approximately 50 researchers from various departments. The network aims to deepen and consolidate collaboration between different research environments with an interest in AI, education and schools at Linköping University. The network is also a meeting place for researchers who otherwise would not meet in the course of their daily work. These researchers can come together to work on joint research applications. There are currently six different groups of researchers who actively work with research applications, and the network provides support for these initiatives.Schoolgirl student with robots holding A plus perfect grade paper Photo credit gmast3r


Represented institutions and research environments

University park behind house I.

Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning (IBL)

Human behaviour and learning is the focus for education and research at the department. We educate students and scientists that are well equipped to meet future challenges in society and working life.

Image of Building E, Campus Valla.

Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA)

The Department of Computer and Information Science is one of the largest departments in northern Europe in its field. Research activity covers artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, software and computer systems, and data science.


Department of Science and Technology (ITN)

We research and teach in several technical and scientific disciplines in which our main areas are organic electronics, media, communications and logistics.

AI at LiU