In order to apply for admission, a doctoral studies position must be established. It is the responsibility of the intended principal supervisor to apply for the establishment at the institution concerned. The principal supervisor must have a LiU ID.

Establishing a doctoral studies position

In order to apply for a doctoral studies position, the intended principal supervisor must have applied for, been granted and established such a position. The application should be sent to the doctoral studies coordinator. See information from the departments:

Application for admission

A complete application, including endorsements from all supervisors and subject representatives, is submitted to the doctoral education coordinator at the department concerned.
The application is to contain:

  • Application for admission.
  • CV and degree certificate, other documentation from applicant demonstrating suitability.
  • Any credit transfers of previously completed modules.
  • Any ethical approval.

Decision of admission

The application for admission is processed by the supervisor, subject representative and director of doctoral studies and is approved by the head of department at each department. The Research Programmes Board (FUN) makes decisions on admission.

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