Doctoral studies in Applied Physics

Research in Applied Physics aims to use methods, models and approaches based in physics on various disciplines, such as molecular physics, surface physics, biotechnology, lab-on-a-chip, organic electronics, material optics, bio-, optical and chemical sensors, self-organising materials, polymeric and soft materials.

Optical image of an Al cathode of an OLED degraded by high current surge Photo: Gabor Mehes / Laboratory of Organic Electronics

The research area covered by the research subject Applied Physics is the applications of physics in biology, chemistry, medicine, life sciences, electronics, nanoscience, materials science and other fields.

Many projects in the area have a connection to the life sciences. In this research subject the PhD students are given many possibilities to collaborate worldwide and currently a large number of collaborative projects are carried out with a variety of research groups around the world, and with national and international industry.

The PhD studies are often conducted in collaboration with other divisions at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM), the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKE), the Department of Medical and Health Sciences (IMH), Department of Biomedical Engineering (IMT), the Department of Science and Technology (ITN), and the University in general. The intention is to offer PhD students with different backgrounds the opportunity to graduate in a multidisciplinary environment.



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