As a doctoral student at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences you can take on studies in a single discipline or in interdisciplinary programmes. There are also a number of research schools connected to the faculty.

Within the faculty, seven departments offer 23 different doctoral programmes. All in all, about 250 doctoral students take part in these programmes.

Doctoral studies are comprised of four years of full-time study, which results in a doctoral degree. It is also possible to do a licentiate degree after two years.

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Subject areas

Avhandlingar. Theses

PhD Programme in Child Studies

At Child Studies, we conduct research about children and childhood from a child perspective. As a doctoral student, you become part of an interdisciplinary and vibrant research environment that will support and challenge you in your work.

Doctoral Studies in Language and Culture

Doctoral studies in language and culture are multi- and interdisciplinary. Our doctoral students have typically studied modern foreign languages, Swedish, Swedish as a second language, general linguistics or comparative literature.

Tre kvinnor i regnbågsljus

PhD Programme in Gender Studies

Doctoral students receive an education that provides gender analytical skills at a high, international level. The interdisciplinary approach gives opportunities to work with and analyze gender in many different contexts.


The Doctoral Programme in Ethnic and Migration Studies

The doctoral programme offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary research education in ethnic and migration studies.

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Graduate Studies in Statistics

The doctoral program is intended to provide graduate students with a deep, foundational education in statistics, along with further in-depth knowledge in the student’s chosen area of specialisation.

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Doctoral Studies in Cognitive Science

The aim of doctoral studies in cognitive science is that the student should acquire deeper knowledge in the field, and to thoroughly prepare the student for independent work in research and development.

Bilden visar två doktorander. Picture shows PhD students

PhD Programme in Technology and Social Change

A broad overview of theories and methods linked to a deep analysis where these are critically examined. The PhD education provides knowledge and skills to understand, investigate and examine the development and use of science and technology.

Doctoral studies in Culture and Society

The Culture and Society research environment has since the autumn term of 2002 offered research education of duration four years, leading to a doctoral degree (240 credits), or two years, leading to a licentiate degree (120 credits).

Maël Lecoursonnais-Anastasiia Menshikova

Doctoral Studies in Analytical Sociology

The program aims to broaden and deepen the doctoral student's knowledge in the subject of analytical sociology and to make the doctoral student well prepared for independent work in the field.

Disability research doctoral studies

Doctoral studies in Disability research

The doctoral program consists of students with different backgrounds, which is a prerequisite for disability questions to be treated from many perspectives.

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Doctoral studies in information systems

In the field of information systems, you learn how to explore and contribute to various forms of digitalisation. Examples are the development, use, modification, and evaluation of digital tools in the public and private sector organisations.

uppslagen text, glasögon

Postgraduate education in sociology with a focus on working life

The postgraduate degree program in sociology with a focus on working life aims to equip students with the ability to independently develop research on societal processes, structures and changes with a focus on working lives.

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Postgraduate education in psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of people's perceptions, experiences and behaviours, and psychological research can be conducted in both naturalistic and experimental situations.

The Doctoral Programme in Welfare Law

The doctoral programme in welfare law is focused on the contents and function of the judicial system in order to construct and maintain welfare that respect fundamental values such as the rule of law, equality, and the integrity of the individual.

Skärm, tangentbord, papper och penna

Postgraduate education in pedagogy with a focus on working life

Pedagogical research covers many areas, examining individuals and groups of different ages and across different societal contexts. Understanding working life is also an important pedagogical focus.

På kontoret / At the office

The Doctoral Programme in Social Work

The doctoral programme in social work aims to give students in-depth knowledge in social work and allow them to develop the knowledge and skills needed to independently carry out research in this area.

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PhD Programme in Environmental Change

An interdisciplinary research environment with a dialogue across disciplinary boarders and with a strong connection to current societal issues. The PhD Program given at Tema M offers this and much more.

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The Doctoral Programme in Ageing and Social Change

The doctoral programme in Ageing and Social Change aims to give doctoral students in-depth knowledge in this field. Students shall independently plan and carry out a qualified research project and present and disseminate its results.

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