Photo of Carlos Vidal

Carlos Vidal

Research Engineer


My main job is to work as a “full stack” IoT developer, making prototypes for agriculture and wildlife conservation. I am excited about how technology can be of help in rural environments. I enjoy developing my technical skills and building devices that have an impact.

Some skills that I use in my position:

  • Embedded programming
  • Circuit design and PCB
  • RF technologies like LoRa and cellular networks
  • Linux server management
  • Docker

My roles

Agtech Sweden

I am one of the four innovation block leaders of the organization, where we help in the development of innovation projects in agriculture.

Project Ngulia

Wildlife conservation in Ngulia (Kenya) and Sanwild (South Africa). We’re helping the park rangers by developing smart technologies to make their work more effective.

Project Page

Support for MSc thesis students

I support students in the development of their projects. Especially in prototyping and hardware.


Research about Electrical Engineering at Linköpings university

The picture shows a system for satellite-based portioning of liquid fertilizer.

Agtech Sweden

Agtech Sweden aims to build up an innovation environment and activate a mobilisation aiming for tomorrow's agriculture.

Doctor wearing highly protective suit and holding globe in her hands

Regional Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Simulations - RIDES

Our research concerns epidemiological data and information processing in connection with infectious disease outbreaks at local and regional level.

Sensor Fusion

The goal in sensor fusion is to utilize information from spatially separated sensors of the same kind, sensors of different kind and finally on a more abstract level information sources in general in terms.