21 May 2019

Three podcasts competed for a contract in a collaboration between Linköping University and the podcast platform Radioplay. Now the winner is crowned.

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Emelie Schultz och Oskar Hållkvist are the producers of the winning podcast.
This year's competition for a contract with the podcast platform Radioplay is settled. It is students on the course Podcast - audio editing, dramaturgy and production conditions, and the Bachelor´s Programme in Culture, Society, Media Production that participated and been voted on by both the public and a jury.

The contract a good receipt

Eventually the podcast "Doomsday" with Emelie Schultz and Oskar Hållkvist won. The podcast deals with the downfall of the earth and addresses various scenarios that may put a stop to humanity.

“This year's winners have shown samples of fighting glow, goal awareness and strong will to develop. When the end is near we know that the winner will stand on solid legs. Going from clarity to clarity is obvious for this year's winner”, reads the jury's motivation.

– Very funny. The contract is a good receipt that someone is interested in what we do and wants to hear more, says Oskar Hållkvist.

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