24 October 2023

Cybersecurity and AI in education are two focus areas in Linköping University’s new test laboratory initiative. A total of SEK 40 million goes to initiatives supporting LiU’s ambition to think freely and innovate in the area of education and research. 

Autumn at Campus Valla.
Cybersecurity and AI in education are two focus areas in Linköping University’s new test laboratory initiative. Teiksma Buseva

Building interdisciplinary research environments that take on today’s challenges in new and innovative ways has become LiU’s trademark. The establishment of five brand new test laboratories within the next three years represents the next step now being taken.

“It’s about development-oriented test laboratories for students, PhD students and researchers that will strengthen our chances and our position as a leading university in digitalisation and modern pedagogics,” says Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson. A person stands and talks.Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson. Photo credit Magnus Johansson

The laboratories will carry out research and education in additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, open human science, AI and simulation in teaching environments, and AI solutions for creating the campus of the future.

In addition to investments in laboratories, Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson has also decided to increase opportunities for professors to carry out research abroad for a period of six to twelve months. This will strengthen research at LiU and also facilitate the recruitment of future research leaders.

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On behalf of the government and in collaboration with Sida, MAI and Linköping University create life-changing transformations for both individuals and the world. Jennifer is one who has created change for both herself and the future.

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Researchers at LiU have developed a new method where organic semiconductors can become more conductive with the help of air as a dopant. The study is a significant step towards future sustainable organic semiconductors.