02 July 2021

The reception period should be an experience for new students to treasure for the rest of their lives. This year’s reception will be, of course, affected by the pandemic, but the situation is sufficiently under control for student unions to plan for class-based physical meetings.

Magnus Johansson

Every term, new students are welcomed to LiU with reception activities. Older students arrange parties, formal dinners and other events during the first few weeks of term. This is a period when new students get to know each other and the university’s traditions, and find their feet in student life in general. The reception policy published by the student unions states that: “The reception period should be an experience to treasure for the rest of your life.”

“This is what we want for the autumn of 2021, as well, even if the conditions are somewhat different as a result of the pandemic”, says Christina Hedner, student support and welfare officer, and responsible for the reception activities at LinTek.Christina Hedner Christina Hedner, student support and welfare officer.

This year, reception activities for all students at LiU will take place in class-based groups. This is to avoid congestion, and each class will form its own “bubble”, such that the number of contacts is lower.

“We have decided that each class is to have ten physical meetings during the first two weeks. But this may change, depending on how the pandemic develops. The particular activities will differ from class to class, but they may include such things as study-centred workshops, competitions, formal dinners, or a whole-day cycle outing in the countryside”, says Christina Hedner. 

The student unions and the university have drawn up guidance for how the autumn reception is to take place, based on recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

“These guidelines say that meetings are to take place in class-based groups, and that these groups should not be mixed. The most important thing, of course, is the safety of those who participate. Since the pandemic has been slowing during the summer, some restrictions have been eased. The guidelines also emphasise how important it is that we meet each other. It is through physical meetings that the new students get to know each other.“

The reception activities will include some meetings held digitally. Anyone who has questions about the reception activities or is feeling anxious about them is welcome to contact one of the student unions for more information.

“It is, of course, completely voluntary to participate in the reception activities. What’s most important is that people have fun”, says Christina Hedner. 

What are your hopes for the autumn reception?

“I hope that this year’s students will remember the reception with the same warmth as I remember mine. The people who I sat next to on the day of the roll call are now some of my closest friends. And since some activities will be held outdoors, I’m hoping for good weather.”

Translated by George Farrants


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