30 April 2019

For the second year, students at Linköping University are competing for a contract with one of the country's largest pod platforms.

- We have a topic that lasts, everyone can relate in some way, says Sofia Bel Habib, who works with one of the final grants.

Two students at the microphones in a sound studio. Henrik Perala

The course Podcast - audio editing, dramaturgy and production conditions have become a breeding ground for new podcasts. It gives students a unique opportunity to pitch their ideas for the podcast platform Radioplay run by Bauer Media, an international media company with hundreds of radio stations in Europe.

Students from the Bachelor´s Programme in Culture, Society, Media Production also participate in the competition and this year stands for one of the three contributions that a jury from Radioplay selected for the final.

– Many made podcasts about stress and mental illness. We wanted something easier and something fun to break off with, says host Malin Johansson.

The result was Thanks foro the dialect, a podcast about language and identity that, in addition to Malin, is made by Jesper Svartnäs, Carolin Sköld and Sofia Bel Habib.

– The most rewarding thing for the students is that their production work gets real right away. As a student on this podcast course, you get the chance to measure your ideas and knowledge against one of Sweden's most important podcast platforms and to a real audience, says Annelie Norberg, who leads the podcast course.

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