04 September 2020

The final step towards a more unified Campus Norrköping centred around Campusbron has now been taken. Kårhuset Trappan has crossed Bergsbron and moved into Kåkenhus, into premises that will soon be ready.

Magnus Johansson

Since 1 July, Kårhuset Trappan has been housed just inside the doors from Skvallertorget, in the part of Kåkenhus generally known as Färgeriet. The café operated by Kårservice is also located here. Operational manager Annie Lindgren is happy to give a guided tour.
“The old Trappan was a long way away, the premises were shabby, and quite a few things needed repair. Here, we’re closer to the students. It’s great to be able to show new students round our new premises, and there’s actually been quite a few here during the first week of term, despite the corona crisis and distance mode.”

Photo credit Magnus JohanssonThe new Trappan has everything that the old Trappan had: offices for the personnel and study places for students (open 9 am-5 pm every day), pubs and formal dinners.
“We’re trying to reproduce the old familiar Trappan spirit in the new premises. And we’re hoping that we’ll offer some new things, as well”, says Annie Lindgren. “Some details are not yet fixed, but we have the greatest operative team in the world, and we’re working with new procedures.”

A catering kitchen next to the café at the entrance can be used for parties and formal dinners. The kitchen is from the old days, when Kåkenhus had its own restaurant, but was decommissioned during the refurbishment in 2013. There are plans to introduce a lunchtime service as soon as the corona-based restrictions are relaxed.

The large area where pubs, formal dinners and a nightclub will be held is still under construction. It is hoped that this will be finished in the middle or towards the end of November.
“I really hope that we will be able to have the nightclub and other events here at the beginning of next year”, says Annie Lindgren.

Photo credit Magnus Johansson


Translated by George Farrants

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