Joints, Muscles and Skeleton

The locomotor system can be divided up into three main components: the body’s framework, which consists of the bones, connective tissues and ligaments, and joints that make movement possible and muscles that perform them. The circulation of the blood and the nervous system are also usually counted as part of the locomotor system.


Orthopedics is the surgical specialization aimed at treating fractures and other injuries, diseases or deformities in the locomotor system. The goal of orthopedics research at LiU is to promote methods which in the long run can be used clinically to expedite the healing process, relieve degenerative illnesses in tendons and ligaments, and improve the fixation of orthopedic implants.

In the field of sports medicine, people study how the risks and consequences of injuries connected with sports and exercise can be reduced.

Physiotherapy aims at preventing, relieving, or curing illnesses that affect the locomotor system through noninvasive rehabilitation methods.


Close up of a blue football. In the background four persons are doing sit ups.

Sport without injury programme - SWIPE

Our research includes study of injury occurrence and risk factors in sports. We also evaluate the efficacy of injury preventive measures, and their effectiveness, including applicability in different sports and sporting populations.

Motion science laboratory

In the motion science laboratory, there are advanced equipment for studying movement patterns, forces and muscle function.

Fysioterapeut behandlar ländrygg.

Physiotherapy - Epidemiology and Prevention

Our research focus is to improve this knowledge of injury and sickness in different populations, especially in sports and work related populations. Epidemiological registering of preventive and health ca interventions is another focus.


image of incomplete atypical fracture next to a complete fracture.

New discoveries about fractures related to osteoporosis medicine

Medicinal treatment of osteoporosis sometimes lead to an unusual kind of breakage in the thigh bone. Why do these fractures occur, and how can they be tracked in a national quality register? These are the questions focussed on in two recent studies.

soccer game.

Fewer injuries increases probability of success in football

The campaign for football glory in EURO 2020 has started. “Keeping your players healthy increases your chances of success”, says Martin Hägglund, who works with elite football players and their injuries.

Physical Therapy is an effective treatment for Low Back Pain

Unnecessary surgery for back pain

Millions of people all over the world receive the wrong treatment for low back pain, according to an international study published in The Lancet.