Centre for Medical Technology Assessment

The Centre for Medical Technology Assessment (CMT) is a research organisation with the aim of conducting method development, disseminating research findings and assessing methods and procedures within healthcare with respect to medical, social, economical and ethical consequences.

The research within CMT is divided into two areas; Health Economic Evaluations and Healthcare Decision-making. Examples of areas specifically highlighted within these areas are technological diffusion, economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals, dental care and medical products, prevention programmes, organisational changes and rehabilitation programmes for those with disabilities.

Basal research and method development is often funded by national and international Research Councils, but we also carry out projects commissioned by healthcare management, state and municipalities, as well as the medtech and pharmaceutical industries. The Centre collaborates with national bodies such as The National Board of Health and Welfare, The Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment (SBU) and The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV).

Commissioned education for health care professionals and health care management is part of the organisation. Members of staff at the centre also have basic undergraduate and postgraduate research education contracts.

The organisation was started in 1984 and since 2007 has been part of the Division of Health Care Analysis at the Department of Medical and Health Sciences (IMH).

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Johan Lyth, John Carstensen, Ingrid Synnerstad, Christer Lindholm (2016)

Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology , Vol.30 , s.789-793 Continue to DOI

Mikaela Ridelberg, Kerstin Roback, Per Nilsen, Siw Carlfjord (2016)

BMC Health Services Research , Vol.16 , s.1-9 Continue to DOI

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Linköping University Centre for Medical Technology Assessment Division of Health Care Analysis Department of Medical and Health Sciences 581 83  Linköping Sweden

Visiting adress

Centre for Medical Technology Assessment Campus US, Lasarettsbacken, Linköping Building 511, entrance 76 or 78, floor 13

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