System Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

Systemsimulering och optimering

System simulation is the heart of system development. Linköping University and the Division of Fluid and Mechatronic Systems conduct research in simulation technology, co-simulation, standardization and simulation-based system development. The division also hosts the proprietary simulation tool Hospan.

Simulation is an important tool for predicting the behavior of a system. Simulation models can also be used for optimization, where a simulation model is run repeatedly with different parameters to find the best design. It is also useful for other types of studies, such as sensitivity analysis.

Simulation of complex systems often requires different parts of the system to be modeled in different simulation tools. This requires the tools to be linked so that their models can be simulated together - known as co-simulation. For this to work, standardized interfaces are required for how the programs should communicate and exchange data. It also places great demands on the mathematical algorithms to ensure reliable results and stable simulations.

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Petter Krus, Robert Braun, Peter Nordin, Björn Eriksson (2012)


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Robert Braun, Petter Krus (2014)

Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Equation-Based Object-Oriented Modeling Languages and Tools , s.57-64 Continue to DOI

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