Air show when future engineers tested their designs

Have you ever dreamt of building your own aircraft? That’s exactly what students taking the master’s programme in aeronautical engineering have been doing for the past seven weeks. Well – in any case – they’ve been building a remote-controlled prototype of an aircraft.

two model airplanes built by students at Linköping University Teiksma Buseva

On a misty October morning, we meet 29 students gathered on an airfield outside Linköping. Together with teacher David Lundström, they are here to test the planes they have built. Some students have been working up to the last minute, fine-tuning their model far into the night. We can feel excitement and nervousness in the air.

Prototype Realization is a project-based course during which master’s students are tasked with building a remote-controlled prototype of an aircraft. It is a direct continuation of a course in Aircraft Conceptual Design in which they carried out the fundamental design and analysis of their craft.


David Lundström is course supervisor and describes how the course links theory and practical work.

“It’s one thing to draw up a conceptual design that looks good on the drawing board. It’s much more challenging to get it to fly. Our students find this out for themselves on this course.”

The students received seven weeks and around 2000 Swedish kronor to build the aircraft. Working under restrictions of both time and money is useful training for their future careers as engineers. The students also learn about working with modern prototyping tools, such as 3D printing, CNC machining and laser cutting.

Translation: George Farrants

Selection of photos from the day

Three students adjust last things on the modell aircraft they have built
Teiksma Buseva
Teiksma Buseva
Students perform last adjustments befor testflight
Teiksma Buseva
Teachers at the course Prototype Realisation checks for the planes stability before test flight
Teiksma Buseva
Teiksma Buseva

Student stories

Selection of photos from the day

Kevin Swamy, student at LInköping University holds a model airplane, he and his classmates have built in the course Prototype Realisation
Teiksma Buseva
Kevin Savio Swammy

Kevin Savio Swamy is from India and chose to study at LiU for several reasons. He knew that Sweden was extremely beautiful and the people here welcoming. He had also heard that the master’s programme in aeronautical engineering here was one of the best in Europe, and the tuition fees were within his budget.

“The course was extremely interesting. It’s hugely satisfying to participate in the whole process, from the original concept to building and flying our aircraft. Together with the other courses offered at LiU, the study programme covers the field comprehensively, and we can become excellent aeronautical engineers by taking it.”


A student holds a modell air plane, which he is about to test
Teiksma Buseva
Karl-David Läpple

Karl-David Läpple is from Germany. The good reputation of LiU and its close contact with industry, such as Volvo and Saab, led him to choose to study here.

“I’ve been at LiU more than a year, and I can say that my expectations are fully satisfied. I really liked all of the programme. The Prototype Realization course is probably one of the highpoints of the complete education. It makes it possible for students to gain practical experience. You use many different manufacturing methods and in the end get to see whether a design works in the real world.”

Avi Bhambhani, a student at Linköping University holds an Electric Aircraft modell, airracer E
Teiksma Buseva
Avi Bhambhani 

Avi Bhambhani is from Tenerife in Spain, and passionate about the aircraft industry. Sweden, and Linköping in particular, are famous in the aeronautical engineering field, and it was natural for Avi that he study at LiU.

“I’ve found the master’s programme in aeronautical engineering at LiU to be extremely comprehensive, and it gives broad knowledge to anyone who wants to devote themselves to the field. From learning about the science behind the technology, to actually designing, simulating, building and, finally flying a plane. I recommend the programme to everyone who enjoys aeronautics”, he says.

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