The joy in reading – a co-design project around students’ interaction with social robots

A robot.

An exploratory study investigating the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can contribute to students' reading. It examines how key reading activities and reading situations in school can be designed for interaction between a social robot and 10-year-old students. 

The focus is on the design of a "reading robot" adapted to interact with students' different reading abilities in grade 4. Central questions of the project are: how do students and teachers perceive interactions around reading with a social robot? as well as what effects the interaction with a social robot can generate in relation to pupils' desire/motivation to read?



Xu, Y., Aubele, J., Vigil, V., Bustamante, A. S., Kim, Y.-S., Warschauer, M. (2021). Dialogue with a conversational agent promotes children's story comprehension via enhanced engagement. Child Development.


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