12 June 2024

The Nordic Student Singers’ Summit is back! The 11th Summit will be held where it all began, at Linköping University, from Thursday 29 May to Sunday 1 June 2025. The whole of Linköping will be filled with song, just as LiU turns 50 years old!

Choir concert
NSSS, Tartu Estland

The Nordic Student Singers’ Summit (NSSS) is a major choir festival that gathers Nordic and Baltic student choirs. Together they spend four days singing, performing, networking and having fun together. 

Due to the pandemic, the summit has been postponed twice, but now it is back - in tune with LiU's 50th anniversary. The summit is arranged by the LiU choirs Linköping University Male Voice Choir, Linnea (Linköping University Women’s Choir), LiHtösen, Chorus Lin, Linköping indie choir and SKÖN.

“This will be part of the choirs’ celebration of LiU. What better way to celebrate Sweden’s most choir-friendly university, than to invite the Nordic and Baltic student singers and show the best of Liu?” says August Goldhahn, executive chair of Linköping University Male Voice Choir.

August Goldhahn NSSS 2017
August Goldhahn NSSS 2017
The tradition of the student singers’ summits dates back to the 1800s, when Scandinavian male voice choirs travelled through Scandinavia by train and boat to meet each other. The first summit in modern times was arranged in 1987 by the student choirs at Linköping University. 

The purpose of NSSS is to gather Nordic and Baltic academic choirs to forge friendships and have fun together with high-quality music. NSSS is held every third year and is organised by student choirs at different universities.

Singing all over Linkoping

This year is the third time since the tradition was resurrected that Linköping will take part in this festival of singing. 
“There will be choir concerts around Linköping, rehearsals and an opening concert and performance in the city centre. And a gala concert and a gala dinner to finish,” says August Goldhahn.
Many choir members with student hats standing outside
NSSS Uleåborg, Finland
It takes a lot of people to work on this big event, and large premises are needed to house around 1500 singers and their audience, so the organisers aim to have a concert in Linköping Sporthall or Saab Arena and then a dinner in Saab Arena.

“Everyone is welcome to attend next spring and hear 1500 people sing opera chorus together. It’s very grand! I can also reveal that 1500 students singing eight-part harmony drinking songs at dinner is absolutely magical,” concludes August Goldhahn.

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