22 April 2022

This year is the 50th anniversary of Linköping University’s Male Voice Choir singing in the spring for the first time. Now, after two years of the pandemic, it’s finally time to gather again at Borggården for the donning of the hats, spring music and speeches – from, among others, the speaker of the Swedish parliament Andreas Norlén.

Linköping's student singers.

Walpurgis Night is one of the year’s major festivals for Swedish students. And Linköping is no exception. What’s more, this year is the 50th anniversary of Linköping University’s Male Voice Choir singing in the spring at Borggården, Linköping castle, for the first time. Back then, a group of young men in black college jumpers and student hats stood on the back of a truck before an audience of ten or so academics. Legend has it that the county governor’s chauffeur, Per Eckerberg, became the first to “give a speech” at the ceremony, when he opened a window and asked the choir to be quiet, since the county governor was taking an after-lunch nap.

After two years of the pandemic and remote education, it’s now finally time to truly celebrate Walpurgis Night. The festivities start at 14:00, when the student orchestra LiTHe Blås kicks off with music, beginning at Stora Torget, and working their way through Lilla Torget, Trädgårdstorget, Sankt Larsgatan and Linnégatan via Trädgårdsföreningen eventually reaching Borggården.
The concert will include traditional spring-themed songs from the Male Voice Choir celebrating its 50th anniversary, a hat-donning ceremony and speeches.

Spring speech by the speaker

Photo credit Anna NilsenThis year’s anniversary spring speaker is the speaker of the Swedish parliament, Andreas Norlén. Norlén has a background as a LiU student of commercial and business law. He took his doctorate in 2004, and was recognised with Alumnus of the Year 2019. He has lived in the Östergötland region for several years.

This years’ student union spring speaker is Beatrice Ronsten, union president for LinTek, the union for students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. She has lived in Linköping since 2017, and studies an MSc in Energy, Environment and Management.


Translated by Benjamin Davies

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