One question a day will give answers about covid-effects on our children

Just by answering one question a day, you can contribute to research about what effects covid-19 has on our children’s well-being. Barnafrid participates as a partner in a global initiative where professionals who meet children anonymously can collect covid-related experiences.

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The whole world demands more knowledge about the effects covid-19 has on our children's well-being.
Covid 4P-log is a free smartphone app where professionals who meet children answer a question a day, and in this way experience is gathered in real time. The target group is, for example, school staff, health care, care, police and social services. The work is coordinated by the Institute for Inspiring Children's Futures at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

The purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is to better understand how everyone who meet children in his/her profession can protect children, meet their unique needs and enable their participation in decisions that affect them and prevent harm at various stages of the current pandemic.

Crucial knowledge

Laura Korhonen, professor at Linköping University and center manager for Barnafrid, encourages professionals who meet children to download the app and participate in the study.
- It is a fast and innovative method and helps us to learn more about the effects of covid-19 on children. This type of knowledge is crucial for wise decision-making and resource allocation. The project will unite professionals in different countries and in different sectors of society, says Laura Korhonen.

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