07 September 2020

Linköping University and Moi University in western Kenya have collaborated for more than 30 years. In 2019 a LiU delegation visited Moi to celebrate the long-standing exchange. A photo exhibition that is opening soon will cast light on various aspects of the collaboration.

Maureen Muthaiga
Anna Nilsen
Over the years, both students and teachers have spent time in Sweden and Kenya, to broaden their professional experience – some 400 students and 250 teachers in total. Initially it was students and teachers in the medicine programme who were able to take part in the exchange. It was subsequently extended to include other healthcare programmes such as nursing and physiotherapy – as well as teacher’s training. There is now also collaboration at the research level.

Horizons – LiU in Kenya

Photo credit Anna NilsenLiU photographer Anna Nilsen joined the 2019 Kenya trip in order to document the 30-year anniversary. She later initiated the photo exhibition, titled Utblickar – LiU i Kenya (Horizons – LiU in Kenya), which will open at the Medical Library, University Hospital Campus, on 15 September 2020.

“I hope the exhibition will spark a sense of adventure in students and staff, and make them interested in travel, especially to Kenya, but also to other countries. That they get a feeling of how rewarding it is, both personally and professionally, to spend time in another culture”, says Anna Nilsen.

Medical students Ida Kallur, Emilie Cewers, Erik Albåge och Kajsa Broman talking to each other. Photo credit Anna NilsenCatrin Petersson is a librarian at the Medical Library:
“We’re delighted and proud to host an exhibition that shows how LiU reaches out, and is influenced by other parts of the world and other realities. And for our students at the University Hospital Campus, it’s a way to approach and make use of the opportunities they have to travel out into the world.”

She points out that LiU’s libraries have always hosted exhibitions, but that in recent years these exhibitions have become a more regular channel for communicating the breadth of LiU research.

“It enables researchers to reach out to students and other groups. We want to be a channel through which LiU’s research can be marketed.”

Healthcare exchange

Photo credit Anna NilsenThe Kenya exhibition will be on display at the Medical Library until 12 March 2021. It will then be moved to the library at Campus Valla, so it can be seen by more students, such as education students.

In addition to the exchange between LiU and Moi, the exhibition presents photographs from the healthcare exchange between Region Östergötland and the Moi Hospital, the LiU-supported school KenSwed Academy, and the Nairobi-based eco-business Opibus, founded by LiU students.

More about the collaboration

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