Professor Cynthia H. McCollough Appointed Honorary Doctor

Seven international researchers have been appointed honorary doctors at Linköping University this spring. One of them is Professor Cynthia H. McCollough from Mayo Clinic.

Hats and diplomas Magnus Johansson

Cynthia H. McCollough has been appointed Honorary Doctor of Technology for her efforts in the intersection between medicine and technology. She is an internationally renowned researcher in the development and evaluation of computed tomography (CT) technology and dose reduction methods. Dr. McCollough is a Professor of both medical physics and biomedical engineering at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. For ten years she has collaborated with Linköping University through the exchange of researchers and methods. This has resulted in new imaging methods that have led to great patient benefit.Professor Cynthia McCollough


CMIV has for many years collaborated with the Mayo Clinic and Professor Cynthia McCollough. During the past year, collaboration has deepened further around photon-counting
computer tomography. Among other things, one of CMIV's PhD students Mårten Sandstedt spent the fall 2019 at the Mayo Clinic to learn more about the technology and work on common research projects.


We congratulate Professor McCollough on the appointment and look forward to our continued collaboration!

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