19 January 2021

Nordic Network for Diversity in Physics, NORNDiP, holds a digital conference January 29th, 2021. Professor Helen Dannetun will moderate a discussion on how to work against harassments.

Photo of a woman.
Professor Helen Dannetun is moderating a discussion the NORNDiP digital conference on January 29. Charlotte Perhammar
"I myself have not done research in physics for many years, so it will be really interesting to get an idea of what the situation looks like today. I would very much like to see a positive development", said Helen Dannetun.

The NORNDiP network was initiated by the members of the Women in Physics Section of the Swedish Physical Society at the end of 2017. It has representation from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway as well as Sweden, and is funded by NordForsk.

The network’s annual conference will be held online this year 2021, on January 29, at 10:00--16:30. Attendance is free of charge, but registration is mandatory to get access to the Zoom link and the recorded videos. Invited speakers are science journalist Angela Saini, author of the book “Superior: The Return of Race Science” and Professor Ilona Riipinen talking about anthropogenic climate forcing.

Professor Helen Dannetun will moderate the the round table discussion on "How to work against harassment - A discussion from a Nordic perspective".

For more details about the conference, program, and the NORNDiP network visit https://www.norndip.net/


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