WASP Alumnus of the Year 2021

Olov Andersson has been awarded "Alumnus of the Year" at Wallenberg AI Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP).

Auguste Rodins sculpture Tänkaren and a thinking female robot Auguste Rodins sculpture "The thinker" and a robot in a pensive position Hans Andersen samt iStock/mennovandijk

Olov Andersson, former WASP PhD student from Linköping University (LiU), today a WASP-funded postdoc at ETH Zürich in Switzerland, has been awarded WASP "Alumnus of the Year" 2021. This was announced at the yearly WASP winter conference in January 2022.

Through the award, WASP acknowledges individuals who have excelled within the programme by generating outstanding scientific impact as well as contributions to the programme by engagement in the WASP community.

"Olov Andersson continues to inspire us and communicates the importance of WASP and the WASP research arenas both within WASP and to the broader international research community", says Anders Ynnerman, WASP Program Director.

Read more about the award to Olov Andersson in the following link:

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