Research Support Division (FOSA)

The Research Support Division offers support for research funding processes and the realisation of larger research projects, as well as analysis and global monitoring of research and research funding-related questions.

The Research Support Division (FOSA) has three overall missions:

  • To support research funding processes within the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, as well as for prioritised national funders
  • To support the realisation of large research initiatives at LiU
  • To analyse and monitor research and research funding questions, with regard to both national and international funding.

To achieve this, we offer the following support:

  • Qualified guidance and research coordination aimed at assisting in the application process and implementation of extensive research initiatives from LiU
  • Qualified project management and research coordination aimed at assisting the realisation of extensive research initiatives at LiU; as well as
  • Qualified analysis and help with global monitoring and analysis of specific research areas.

The Research Supports Division (FOSA) is organised into three units who worked closely together:

  • Grants Office
  • Program Office
  • Research Analysis Office

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Research Analysis Office

Head of Unit is Agneta Jansson.

This office provides qualified analyses and global analysis of specific research areas.

Grants Office

Head of Unit is Josefin Fernius.

The grants office works to support researchers at Linköping University in research funding processes. We act as a link between LiU, external funding organisations and research councils, with a focus on larger national funders and the EU’s Framework Programme for Research.

Program Office

Head of Unit is Sara Strömberg

The programme office offers coordination support for large research initiatives at Linköping University. Among these is Sweden's largest single research initiative, the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), and TAILOR, a network of excellent research centres focussing on the scientific basis for reliable artificial intelligence.