Climate and Climate Change

The issue of climate change is one of present-day's major societal challenges. It is global, long-term, complicated and in many countries also politically infected. The research at LiU is interdisciplinary and unites the traditions of the sciences, the social sciences and the humanities.

The climate problem is put into its context alongside other measures for sustainable development. Research is also being conducted into how knowledge and communication are used and translated into a basis for decision-making at various levels, as well as into the experiments and discussions concerning large-scale climate manipulation.

The research is conducted as fundamental research in close collaboration with various clients in society.

The Norrköping Decision Arena was inaugurated in May 2015.


data center

Megabytes vs Megawatts: Understanding Infrastructural Frictions between Data Centers and Energy Grids for Sustainable Digitalization

Megabytes vs Megawatts is a research project that studies ongoing infrastructure developments and societal imaginaries to make data centers more environmentally sustainable.

soccer game.

Sustainable football pitches

In this project, we focus on the environmental impact of both artificial and natural grass pitches, as well as their energy usage throughout their life cycle.

Virtual Worlds: digital technologies in climate and biodiversity governance

Virtual Worlds explores the role of digital technologies in managing climate change and biodiversity loss. The program reviews how technology can improve environmental governance and include local knowledge for sustainable development.


Professor Mattias Lindahl is contributing to a global ISO standard

There are hundreds of definitions of circular economy in the world, which leads to confusion. A new ISO standard with a definition widely accepted and disseminated will remedy the situation.

The astronomer who turned his eyes towards Earth

Magnus Gålfalk was ten years old when he became fascinated with space. His doctoral thesis was about how stars are formed. But now he is doing climate research at Linköping University instead.

Photo of PhD-student at her office.

Biogas in Brazil - a resource not being used

Brazil has a significant capacity for biogas production from organic waste that has not yet been realised. Hanna Zanatta has studied several societal aspects that affect the introduction of biogas systems.