Ångströmhuset - electron microscopy
Ångströmhuset - electron microscopy

Physics is one of Linköping University’s largest and broadest research fields. The focus is on the properties of materials, but other fields of study include theoretical physics, quantum physics and research at the intersection of physics, chemistry and biology.

Physics is one of the basic sciences, and at LiU there is extensive research in everything from theoretical physics and quantum physics to applied research in fields such as surfaces and thin-film physics, optics, semiconductors, soft materials, nanomaterials, sensors, solar cells, LEDs and thermoelectricity. For more on the various research fields, see below.

Research ranges all the way from deep basic research to applied research with conceivable applications in medicine and biology, as well as electronics, energy, the computer memory of the future, and not least in various branches of the engineering industry.

Applied physics is an important field in doctoral studies here, and doctoral students can attend one of the graduate schools within the field: Agora Materiae and Forum Scientum.


Research areas, material science and quantum theory

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