Integrative Systems Biology (ISB)

In the integrative systems biology group we aim towards being the world leading group in the unravelling of systems-level mechanistic insights, using inter-connected M4 models for decision support in pharma and P4 medicine – thereby making a positive change in society.

We do modelling in collaboration with a large number of experimental groups, focusing on different biological systems. In these projects, our collaborators serve as the biological experts, and we are the experts on the modelling. This means that our collaborators do not need to have extensive knowledge about modelling.

We are currently working on modelling of e.g. insulin signalling and lipolysis in adipocytes; nutrient fluxes on a whole-body scale; interpretation of fMRI signals in brain, and quantification of liver- and heart-diseases using MRI; modelling as an aid for improved drug development; and modelling to replace animal experiments. 

In the systems biology group, we are constantly looking for new collaborations; be it students for internships, experimentalists for new projects or companies for making our insights of use for the public. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more!

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