Software packages from Vehicular Systems

Here you find freely available software packages developed at the division Vehicular Systems at Linköpings University. Links to relevant papers can be found on the page for each program package.

Fault diagnosis

  • FaultDiagnosisToolbox - A Matlab tool for fault diagnosis analysis and design
  • LinSensPlaceTool - A Mathematica tool for sensor placement for fault isolation in linear differential-algebraic systems.
  • Distinguishability - A Matlab tool for analysing quantitative fault diagnosability properties.
A few package that has been deprecated, but kept here for archive purposes.
  • SensPlaceTool - A Matlab tool for sensor placement for fault diagnosis. (Package replaced by FaultDiagnosisToolbox)
  • TestModTool - A Matlab tool containing algorithms for finding testable sets of equations, such as MSOs, PSOs, MTESs and TESs, given structural models. (Package replaced by FaultDiagnosisToolbox)
  • CausalIsolability - A Matlab tool for analysing fault isolability properties of structural models, taking causal interpretation of dynamical constraints into account. (Package replaced by FaultDiagnosisToolbox)

Modeling and control of engines

The list below contains models related to Modeling and Control of Engines and Powertrains that have been developed at Vehicular Systems and are freely available. The book "Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines", by Lars Eriksson and Lars Nielsen, John Wiley & Sons, 2014, gives a solid background to the potential user of these software packages.
  • LiU Diesel - A complete and free Matlab/Simulink model of a heavy duty diesel engine model with EGR and VGT, described in Wahlström and Eriksson (2011).
  • CHEPP - Chemical Equilibrium Program Package. A Matlab/Simulink package for solving gas phase chemical equilibrium problems. The package is available by request from Lars Eriksson.
  • Modelica-MVEMLib - Free and open Modelica libraries resulting from the openProd combustion engine use case.
  • psPack - A free and open tool for simulation of thermodynamical processes in internal combustion engines.
  • LiU-D-El - A complete and free Matlab model of a turbocharged Diesel-Electric Powertrain, described in Sivertsson and Eriksson (2014).
  • LiU-D-El+Benchmark - An optimal control benchmark concerning transient optimisation of a Diesel-Electric Powertrain, together with a validated model, described in Sivertsson and Eriksson (2014).
  • LiU CPgui - A parameterization algorithm for a control-oriented compressor model capable to extrapolate outside the usual measured area.
  • TruckBenchmarkModel - Matlab/Simulink model of a heavy duty truck with turbocharged diesel engine with EGR and VGT.


Demo of autonomous vehicle in Visionen.

ISY Day 2024 – AI in Society, Education, and Research

This year’s edition of ISY Day offered lectures, discussions, and demonstrations within this year's theme "AI in Society, Education, and Research". A theme that is both current and highly relevant at the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Abhijeet Behera’s licentiate seminar

Abhijeet Behera’s licentiate seminar

Abhijeet Behera successfully defended his licentiate thesis, with the title "Performance assessment of long combination vehicles using Naturalistic Driving Data" on April 16th.

ELLIIT Joint Autonomous Systems Lab in Linköping and Lund showcasing autonomous robot.

The University Board on Study Visit to Visionen

In December 2023, the university board visited the Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY). In the research arena Visionen, examples were presented highlighting Linköping University's crucial role in technological and societal development.

City by night, moving cars, night light and intelligent transport systems

Scholarship and Research Funding for Professor Lars Eriksson

Lars Eriksson, professor in Vehicular Systems at The Deparment of Electrical Engineering, is awarded the Håkan Frisinger Award for Excellence in Transportation Research.

A person with a drone.

LiU gets new competence centre – close collaborations with industry

Vinnova is investing more than SEK 30 million in a new competence centre in autonomous systems and advanced mathematical methods at LiU. Climate change and global security are to be the focus of the research groups.

Electrical truck.

Route planning of heavy-duty electric vehicles

Electrification of heavy-duty vehicles calls for intelligent methods to optimize the planning of their use and charging. With Scania and Ragn-Sells we develop mathematical models and algorithms for the next generation of transportation systems.

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