Medicinska fakultetens hedersdoktor 2017, Dr Graham Hendry, från University of Sydney, gav sin hedersdoktorsföreläsning: "How to engage our students". Nedan finner ni hela föreläsningen från 19/5.

For many university faculty teaching is more enjoyable when they are able to motivate and engage students in their course.

This lecture provides a convincing mix of evidence for the principle that faculty learn effectively how to engage their students by observing good practice and receiving helpful feedback from a colleague. Data is presented from several sources, including a peer observation of teaching program running since 2014 in the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney. 

This lecture also introduces the principle that faculty can successfully engage students in their course by designing assessment that is more authentic. The next step: How do we enable faculty to observe good authentic assessment design and get helpful feedback from a colleague about their assessment?