The annual LINK-SIC workshop took take place 15 November at Atlas Copco, Nacka and 16 November at Scania, Södertälje. There was also a pre-workshop about friction 14 November at Atlas Copco. Here you find presentations, posters and pictures from the event.

Program: Workshop about friction, 14 November - Atlas Copco

07.00 Bus departure from Zenit, Mäster Mattias väg, Campus Valla, Linköpings universitet
Some examples of friction-related activities within Atlas Copco:
10.00 Modeling of Threaded Fastener Joints - The Importance of Friction in Dynamic Modeling, Nils Dressler, Atlas Copco Industrial Technique
10.20 Friction in threaded fasteners: Influence of materials and tooling, Mayank Kumar, Atlas Copco Industrial Technique
10.40 Modeling of a ball contact with a coated plate, Mohammadreza Saeedi, Atlas Copco Industrial Technique
11.00 Lab tour
12.00 Lunch
13:00 Frictions and Lubrication Regimes- the lubricant designers thinking tools, Thomas Norrby, Nynas AB.

Examples of friction-related activities within other LINK-SIC partners:
13.30 Lars Eriksson, LiU
13.50 A Learning Approach for Feed-Forward Friction Compensation, Svante Gunnarsson, LiU
14.10 Patrick Rohlmann, Scania
14.30 Coffee and discussion

Program: 15 November – Atlas Copco

07.30 Bus departure from Zenit, Mäster Mattias väg, Campus Valla, Linköpings universitet
10.00 Coffee
10.15 Welcome
10.30 LINK-SIC update, Svante Gunnarsson
10.40 Company presentations from Atlas Copco and Scania
12.00 Poster teasers
12.15 Lunch and Poster Session
13.40 Ongoing PhD projects.
- Identification of Nonlinear Marine Systems, Fredrik Ljungberg
- Optimal control of cranes subject to container height constraints, Filipe Barbosa
14.20 Dynamic Time Scan Forecasting for renewable energy prediction, Marcelo Azevedo Costa, UFMG, Brazil
15.00 Coffee
15.20 R&D @ABB: Industrial transformation’s new imperative, digitalization and sustainability, Shiva Sander-Tavallaey, ABB
15:50 Atlas Copco´s work around diversity and inclusion, Johan Aaro, Atlas Copco Industrial Technique
16.30 Transport to Södertälje
19.00 Dinner

Program: 16 November - Scania

– Discussions about collaborations after year six + Time for ISAB
– Discussion and feedback from ISAB
– LINK-SIC Board Meeting
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Guided tours in the production facilities and the Marcus Wallenberg exhibition hall
15.30 Coffee
16.30 Departure to Linköping

Here you find the posters from the LINK-SIC:s Workshop 2022

Time- and energy-optimal control of cranes subject to geometric constraints. (Filipe Barbosa and Johan Löfberg)

Modeling a Bolted Joint for Dynamic Tightening Simulation and Control Friction Modeling and Clamp Force Estimation. (Nils Dressler)

Time-Optimal Cooperative Path Tracking for Multi-Robot Systems. (Hamed Haghshenas, Anders Hansson, Mikael Norrlöf)

Automotive Modeling and Model-based Control. (Robin Holmbom)

The ECCV Platform. (Max Johansson, Oskar Lind Jonsson, Robin Holmbom, Lars Eriksson)

Experiment Design for Identification of Marine Vessels. (Fredrik Ljungberg and Martin Enqvist)

Future Treatments for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus with Emphasis on Technical Devices. (Cajsa Wargren, Celine Heineman, Felicia Skarfors, Frida Löfgren, Lisa Olsson).

Experimental evaluation of a method for improving experiment design in robot identification. (Stefanie A. Zimmermann, Martin Enqvist, Svante Gunnarsson, Stig Moberg, Mikael Norrlöf)

TestC: Unit Test Generation using OpenAI Codex. (Simon Johansson, Victor Löfgren, Alva Ringi and Erik Sköld)

Decentralized Target Tracking Under Partially Known Covariances and Communication Constraints. (Robin Forsling)