A list of international programmes offered att Linköping University. For more information, visit liu.se/en/education.

Our programmes

Adult Learning and Global Change, Master's Programme, 60 credits

Concentrates on the global tendency for governments to encourage citizens to educate themselves. Offered online in collaboration with two other universities: UBC in Vancouver and U of Western Cape in Cape Town,

Aeronautical Engineering, Master's Programme, 120 credits

This programme offers a holistic view on aircraft design. Thanks to close collaboration between the University and the aerospace industry, you will be prepared for working with aircraft design, aircraft engineering, or wind turbine engineering.

Applied Ethology and Animal Biology, Master's Programme, 120 credits

This programme deals with animal behaviour and biology from an applied perspective, including problems associated with keeping animals in captivity. Our aim is to provide you with a solid understanding of theory and methods of applied ethology.