Computer Aided Product Development

I work as a lecturer and specialist in the field of computer aided product development.

This means how a product or component should be modeled and optimized to ensure that it fulfills the customer and design requirements. These demands and goals should be balanced against each other to achieve an optimal product.


  • TMKT39 – Machine Elements
  • TMKT48 – Design Optimization
  • TMKT57 – Product Modeling
  • TMKT79 – Collaborative Multidisciplinary Optimization
  • TMMT31 – Bachelor Thesis Mechanical Engineering
  • Master Theses in Mechanical Engineering

Research in Computer Aided Product Development

The research especially focuses on how to utilize numerically efficient surrogate models to aid and speed up analyzes of computationally demanding computer models. These models can be FEM/CFD-models or complex dynamic models.

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