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Mats Björkman

I research on how to develop and operate sustainable production. I contribute to increase IEI's external research funds, provide support for research collaboration, preview applications and ideas and act as a sounding board for young researchers.

Research and support

My research focus on the development and operation of sustainable smart industrial production systems. I also have the role to support them that try to get external founds to IEI.

In my role as a senior researcher, my research focus on the development and operation of sustainable smart industrial production systems.

From the beginning, the research focused on the development and operation of complex smart production systems, but the research expanded early on to also include the role of manufacturing in the area of the circularity. Circularity is an important component in order to achieve sustainable development.

The research focus mainly on remanufacturing and integrated product-service systems. The research also includes areas such as the connection between manufacturing/remanufacturing and product design, this including design science and Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM/A) and Design for Remanufacturing (DFRem)

In my role as senior researcher, I will also contribute to increasing the share of external funds overall at IEI. This includes activities that are a direct support to specific divisions and joint activities at IEI that contribute to a research collaboration between different divisions.

My duties in this role consist of:

  • Be a support to the heads of divisions in their work to strengthen the division's "application culture"
  • Create platforms at IEI for researchers to meet, e.g. ahead of calls from major research funders.
  • Monitor calls from the largest research funders of interest to IEI.
  • Support the work with applications for external research funds within the divisions and initiatives that are interesting for IEI (projects, programs, platforms or centers).
  • Work actively so that IEI can be included in future Impact Innovation programs

In addition to, I will be a support during the preliminary review of project applications and project ideas if researchers so wish, and if necessary be a support for younger researchers. This includes helping to connect project applications with other appropriate reviewers at IEI.

You are very welcome to contact me if you want support, advice or have opinions regarding the above points.

More about me

Previous assignments at LiU

  • Deputy Head of IEI
  • Head of the division of Manufacturing Engineering

Assignments outside LiU

I am one of the founders of the Swedish Production Academy (SPA) and is presently a member of the presidium, previously Chairman of SPA.

I have over the years been engaged in the creation and operation of several national research programmes such as PROPER, ProViking and Produktion 2030.

Board commitments

I have also been or am a member of the board of:

  • Swedish Assembly Forum
  • Produktionslyftet
  • IEI at LiU.



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