Controlling motions with fluid power with focus in hydraulic motor and pump

I am involved in research projects about fluid power pumps and motors, hydraulic hybrids and transmissions. The fluid power pump and motor project are in the area of flow pulsation and how to reduce it.

The hybrid project includes optimisation of parameters of components. The transmission project involves secondary control of a six wheeled forest machine.

I teach in both basic courses in fluid power systems and advance courses, mainly students at the master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering.

Noise in hydraulic motor and pumps

The focuss of my PhD study was noise reduction in fluid power pumps and motors. As most noise in fluid power systems is judged to have its origin from pumps or motors the fluid power system as a whole will be quieter as well. The aim was to devise a general strategy to minimise as far as possible the pump/motor unit’s noise impact on the rest of the system, whatever system the unit is mounted in. I have continued with the research in the pump/motor area after the disputation.

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  • TMHP02 - Fluid Power Systems
  • TMMS10 - Fluid Power Systems and Transmissions
  • TMPM01 – Project course
  • TMMI13 – Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Master thesis supervision


  • Secretary of the Swedish Fluid Power Association (Intressentföreningen för fluid systemteknik, IFS), 2015-
  • Organisation committee for Hydraulikdagarna, HD15, at Linköping University, March, 2015.
  • Organisation committee and editor for Scandinavian International Fluid Power Conference, SICFP, at Linköping University, June, 2013.

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