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Martin Sjölund

Associate Professor



John Tinnerholm, Adrian Pop, Martin Sjölund (2022) A Modular, Extensible, and Modelica-Standard-Compliant OpenModelica Compiler Framework in Julia Supporting Structural Variability Electronics, Vol. 11, Article 1772 Continue to DOI


Martin Sjölund, Lena Buffoni, Adrian Pop, Lennart Ochel (Editorship) (2021) Proceedings of 14th Modelica Conference 2021
John Tinnerholm, Adrian Pop, Heuermann Andreas, Martin Sjölund (2021) OpenModelica.jl: A modular and extensible Modelica compiler framework in Julia targeting ModelingToolkit.jl Proceedings of the 14th International Modelica Conference, p. 109-117 Continue to DOI
Martin Sjölund (2021) Evaluating a Tree Diff Algorithm for Use in Modelica Tools Proceedings of the 14th International Modelica Conference, p. 529-537 Continue to DOI
Lena Buffoni, Lennart Ochel, Adrian Pop, Peter Fritzson, Niklas Fors, Gorel Hedin, Walid Taha, Martin Sjölund (2021) Open Source Languages and Methods for Cyber-Physical System Development: Overview and Case Studies Electronics, Vol. 10, Article 902 Continue to DOI

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