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Christoph Kessler

Professor, Head of Division

Christoph W. Kessler (german spelling: Keßler) is a professor for Computer Science at Linköping University, Sweden, where he leads the Programming Environment Laboratory's research group on compiler technology and parallel computing.


Christoph Kessler research interests include parallel programming, compiler technology, code generation, optimization algorithms, and software composition.

He received a PhD degree in Computer Science in 1994 from the University of Saarbrücken, Germany, and a Habilitation degree in 2001 from the University of Trier, Germany.
In 2001 he joined Linköping university, Sweden, as associate professor at the programming environments lab (PELAB) of the computer science department (IDA). 
In 2007 he was appointed full professor at Linköping University.

He has published two books, several book chapters and more than 100 scientific papers in international journals and conferences. His contributions include e.g. the OPTIMIST retargetable optimizing integrated code generator for VLIW and DSP processors, the PARAMAT approach to pattern-based automatic parallelization, the concept of multi-variant performance-aware parallel components for optimized composition, the PEPPHER component model and composition tool for heterogeneous multicore/manycore based systems, the SkePU library of tunable generic components for GPU-based systems, and the parallel programming languages Fork and NestStep.

While serving as director of undergraduate studies 2001-2004, he also developed the StASy toolchain for large-scale course management and staff planning in undergraduate course administration, which is in use at the SaS division since 2002.

Since 2015 he serves as the head of the division for Software and Systems (SaS) at the department.

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