15 May 2023

Peo Hansen, professor of Political Science at REMESO, IKOS, has received an Honorable Mention in the EUSA Best Book in European Union Studies Award.

Peo Hansen. professor of Political Science Nedzad Mesic

He gets the award for his book “A Modern Migration Theory: An Alternative Economic Approach to Failed EU Policy”. that was published in 2021.

The book has received good reviews. Read one of them:

“A timely book on the supposed trade-off between migration and the sustainability of the welfare state. Hansen's skilful debunking of the 'sound finance' view demonstrates that there is no 'fiscal burden' when it comes to migration. Migrants are an essential part of the workforce and contribute to the economy. Hansen successfully rewires our thinking about migration and the economy. I highly recommend this superb book.” Dirk Ehnts, Institute for International Political Economy, Berlin


A picture of a book cover with the sky, the ocean and rocks at the beach

Read more about the book at the publishers website
Read more about European Association and the award
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