19 June 2023

Funded by the World Bank and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, the Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) has undertaken to assist in developing a Master's program in Computational Social Science in Georgia.

Carl Nordlund. Carl Nordlund, studierektor och universitetslektor vid IAS. Foto: Ahmet Börutecene

IAS, renowned for its outstanding international Master's program in the field, has been invited to participate in the project and will work together with a team from Tbilisi State University, where the program will be based, as well as two other universities in Georgia.

 "It felt natural for us to be part of this project and share our own experiences in such a new field," says Carl Nordlund, Director of Studies and University Lecturer at IAS.

Georgian master's program in Computational Social Science will offer courses in advanced statistics, programming and data management, agent-based modelling, network analysis, machine learning, and subject-specific social science courses. These courses will particularly focus on development studies and provide students with a broad competence in the field.

"IAS will play a significant role within the consortium and contribute its expertise in program and course design, exchange of pedagogical and program administrative experiences," says Carl Nordlund.

The institute's distinguished reputation and experiences from the similar Master's program at Linköping University have been crucial in securing the opportunity to participate in the project. 

This collaboration and the development of a Master's program in Computational Social Science in Georgia are expected to strengthen the country's capacity in this research area. The program is expected to attract not only Georgian students but also international students interested in computational social science.

The engagement of the World Bank and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in this project underlines the importance of promoting education and research in computer science and social science fields to address the challenges that today's societies face. The project is expected to be a significant milestone in the development of Georgia's education system and strengthen the country's position as a hub for research and education in this field.


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