Abundant human energy powers electrical sensors

Mechanical energy, which is possessed by everything that moves, is an abundant source of energy. Eiman Satti’s doctoral project has developed a footstep sensor that converts the mechanical energy of a footstep to electricity.

Converting mechanical energy to other useful forms of energy, and developing new devices that use mechanical energy to perform a task, can contribute to the energy supply.

The piezoelectric effect is one way of converting mechanical energy to useful electrical energy.
The video (link below) shows that many of the mechanical motions around us, such as handwriting and foot pressure, can be used to obtain useful electrical energy and signals.

The Physical Electronics and Nanotechnology research group is based at Campus Norrköping and led by senior lecturer Omer Nour.

Eiman Satti’s thesis: Low-Frequency Self-Powered Footstep Sensor Based on ZnO Nanowires on Paper Substrate


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