Reconnecting The Phosphorus loop

In February the american magazine the Atlantic published an article on the challenging, but essential, issue of sustainable phosphorus management. Linköping University´s Geneviève Metson was interviewed by the magazine.

One of the major American magazines, the Atlantic, did a deep dive in humans need and hunt for phosphorus, in their February issue. One of the experts explaining the broken phosphorus loop is Linköping University environmental scientists, Senior Lecturer Geneviève Metson.

- We have a too-little-too-much problem which is what makes this conversation very difficult, she says, explaining the paradox of human achievements resulting in even larger challenges down the line.

The article focuses on the lack of phosphorus, historically, how humans overcame the problem and the future problems brought on by that scientific revolution. Read the full article on the Atlantic.


In January, Geneviève Metson also contributed to a Voices piece in One Earth. There she writes about nitrogen and phosphorus.


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