Disability Research

Learning more about disabilities and functional impairments

andres balcazar

Many people experience some form of obstacle to participating in working life, social contexts or leisure activities. Some have this for a limited period, others for their entire lives. In disability research at Linköping University, we study such diverse fields as hearing impairments, depression, different development conditions and pain.

The aim of disability research at Linköping University is to increase knowledge of functional impairments and disabilities in society. Among other things, the LiU researchers study the conditions and perspectives of people with disabilities, as well as their social conditions in the community. But the subject also encompasses medical and technical problems.

Focus is on the area of cognition and communication, i.e., on the processes which take place in the brain when we receive, process and mediate information. In this area, LiU researchers have a broad knowledge, and a great deal of the research is about hearing and deafness but also about cognitive conditions for communication among other groups, such as people with learning disabilities and autism.