Mechanical engineering

A classical field of engineering

Mechanical engineering  Göran Billeson

Mechanical engineering is a classical field of engineering with advanced and multi-faceted research at LiU. High-quality research is carried out in areas such as fluid and mechatronic systems, machine design, solid mechanics, and applied thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

Examples of research within fluid and mechatronic systems are aircraft design, hydraulic systems in goods vehicle engines, and mobile robotics.

Machine design covers, for example, CAD, automated design, industrial design, wood as a construction material and product development.

Solid mechanics ranges from the mechanical properties of skin to fatigue in nickel-based superalloys and the optimisation of structures used in vehicles.

Applied thermodynamics and fluid mechanics deals with heat transfer, aerodynamics and fluid dynamics. The research finds application in everything from biological flows, such as blood flow through the heart and blood vessels, to the thermodynamics of gas turbines and minimising the air resistance of heavy vehicle chassis.

Associated research areas are Engineering Materials and Production Economics, which are described in more detail below.




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