Nursing Science

Nursing science focuses on generating knowledge of health promotion, aiming to maintain and improve health, alleviate suffering and create conditions for a peaceful death.

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In nursing research, we also study the effects of treatment and care, resources for care and the nursing care environment, as well as nursing from an organizational perspective. Focus is on the interaction between the health care provider, patient and next of kin in different contexts and environments throughout the care chain.

Nursing care affects all people in some way throughout their lives. Nursing care is about attitude and action. Nursing care exists in the action itself and in the relationship of the human encounter. Nursing care can be described as a living human action. There is a need for it when an individual needs help with a situation and other fellow human beings provide that help. It is very important that health care providers view the individual from a holistic perspective and consider the whole situation, instead of focusing on only poor health or medical conditions.

Nursing care actions span a wide spectrum, ranging from highly technological interventions to support in existential crises. This means that individuals should be ensured good and secure care based on their needs and the current situation. There should also be knowledge and practical skills to perform these nursing care actions.


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Cultural competence for Health personnel

The instrument can be used both in research as a data collection instrument and as a clinically applied instrument in various activities. Several research projects linked to the instrument are currently underway.

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A Path to Prevention of Elder Abuse in Long-term care, APPEAL

The past year prevalence of elder abuse among community dwelling older adults have been reported to be about 10-15% in both Swedish and international studies.

Fysioterapeut behandlar ländrygg.

Physiotherapy - Epidemiology and Prevention

Our research focus is to improve this knowledge of injury and sickness in different populations, especially in sports and work related populations. Epidemiological registering of preventive and health ca interventions is another focus.

Heart patients benefit from videogames

Tiny Jaarsma and Anna Strömberg are professors of nursing science at Linköping University, researching self-care in relation to chronic heart failure. They have introduced a tv game that helps patients be more physically active.