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Sensor fusion
Sensor fusion David Brohede

The goal of sensor fusion is to combine the measurements from several sensors into new information that cannot be computed from one sensor alone, or that would require a much more costly solution.

The sensor fusion group is part of the Division of Automatic Control at Linköping University. Sensor fusion as a research area was established in 1995, and it has since then been a research area in many large research centers.
In total, the group has produced more than 25 PhD’s and 40 Licentiates.

The research has major industrial relevance in fields such as ground-based and airborne autonomous vehicles, collaboration between people and robots, and positioning with the aid of mobile telephones, to mention just a few examples.

The research is split into basic research issues and more application oriented projects. The group has done fundamental well-cited contributions in nonlinear filtering and localization theory. Applied research is mostly done in collaboration with Swedish manufacturing industry.

In some cases, the research has resulted in spin-off companies, most notably NIRA Dynamics, Softube and Senion.


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