WASP Vehicular Systems

Autonomous traffic
Autonomous traffic iStock/AkaratPhasura

The division of Vehicular Systems has a clear focus on vehicle control, diagnosis, and autonomy. Our facilities include an engine laboratory, a propulsion laboratory, and a vehicle dynamics and autonomy laboratory. The group is internationally well recognized.

Our strategy is to focus on the system science aspects, and to collaborate with others when it comes to mechanical construction or industrial evaluation. The functions under consideration include advanced engine control, control coordination of vehicle and powertrain systems, and autonomous functions in intelligent vehicles and roadways.

Autonomy also requires automated supervision and prognostics for reliable operation. We investigate purely theoretical problems and application-oriented problems, e.g., autonomous mining.

Vehicle Lab

The Vehicle Lab is in fact a complete building, L-huset (the L-building incorporating three laboratories for vehicle research; The Laboratory for Vehicle Propulsion, The Laboratory for Vehicle Dynamics and Autonomy and The Laboratory for Energy Conversion and Energy Storage.

Engine Lab

In the engine lab there are two engine test stands suited for testing passenger car engines. Both test stands are equipped with modern asynchronous machines which can act both as a drive and a load to the engines. These test stands give us the possibility to run both steady state and dynamic tests, with torque rise-times less than 10 ms. We are able to do road load simulations.


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