Wide bandgap semiconductors

Green laser

We are strengthening our role in the development of solid-state quantum systems, such as optical active spin quantum bits, quantum memories and registers.

These are basic elements required for various applications in quantum technologies, e.g. long-distance quantum communications, quantum sensing and quantum computing. Our expertise extends from materials science, which includes design and growth of quantum-grade materials (SiC, III-nitrides and other semiconductors) and structures for nanophotonic and other quantum devices, to characterization, control and manipulation of optical spin qubits.

We also develop MOCVD of group III nitrides, particularly ultra-wide bandgap AlN, and resolve doping issues. We further develop group III nitrides at the 2D limit by leading predictive theoretical modeling and MOCVD approaches and explore new material performance for electronics at nanoscale.


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Charles Babin, Rainer Stoehr, Naoya Morioka, Tobias Linkewitz, Timo Steidl, Raphael Woernle, Di Liu, Erik Hesselmeier, Vadim Vorobyov, Andrej Denisenko, Mario Hentschel, Christian Gobert, Patrick Berwian, Georgy V Astakhov, Wolfgang Knolle, Sridhar Majety, Pranta Saha, Marina Radulaski, Son Tien Nguyen, Jawad Ul-Hassan, Florian Kaiser, Joerg Wrachtrup (2022) Fabrication and nanophotonic waveguide integration of silicon carbide colour centres with preserved spin-optical coherence Nature Materials , Vol. 21 , s. 67-73 Continue to DOI


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