My main research interest is socio-materiality in educational practices and its effects in learning and knowledge. I draw upon Actor-network theory to do research, e.g. learning and knowing that arises in simulation training with high fidelity simulators in healthcare education and in which way the educational intentions and professional knowledge are translated and enacted or not during the design process of a virtual patient.

I have also researched international exchange studies and innovative courses emerging in folk high school by using network thinking.
Now I work with a research project on simulation training in upper secondary vocational education.

I am an international coordinator for an international master's program, Adult Learning and Global Change. It is a unique program that is a collaboration among three universities on three different continents; University of British Columbia in Canada, University of the Western Cape in South Africa, and Linköping University. The program has won two educational awards; Curriculum Innovation Award, awarded by the Commission of Professors of Adult Education of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (2005) and The e-Learning Excellence Award (2015) at the 14th European Conference on E-learning.






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