Andreas Fejes is professor and chair of adult education research at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Linköping University. Fejes’ current research projects are: 1. Citizenship education within and beyond adult and popular education, 2. The bibliometrics of the field of adult education research, 3. Marketization of adult education and its consequences. 




Andreas Fejes, Magnus Dahlstedt, Nedžad Mešić, Sofia Nyström

Svenska(r) från dag ett: En studie av ABFs verksamhet med asylsökande


Magnus Dahlstedt, Andreas Fejes

Det finns inget stöd för att språkplikt behövs

In , Svenska Dagbladet

Article in journal

Andreas Fejes, Mattias Nylund

Djupt oroande förslag från de borgerliga

In , Svenska Dagbladet

Article in journal

Magnus Dahlstedt, Andreas Fejes

Systemet med fritt skolval måste bytas ut

In , Svenska Dagbladet

Article in journal

Andreas Fejes, Magnus Dahlstedt

Skolan och framtiden

In Skolan, marknaden och framtiden

Chapter in book

CV, commissions and social media


2012 Professor of Adult Education Research 

2008 Associate professor in Education 

2006 PhD in Educational Research specializing in Adult Learning

Current commissions (selected) 

  • Editor of the European Journal for Research on the Education and learning of Adults
  • Member of the steering committee of the European society for research on the education of adults
  • Chair for the Swedish national program for research on popular education
  • Consluting editor for Adult Education Quarterly
  • Member of the international advisory board for Studies in the Education of Adults

Supervision of PhD students

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