Manager/leader of the year 2019

Jordi Altimiras, head of the Biology division at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) at LiU, is the winner of this year's Chief and Leader Award.

Magnus Johansson

He received the prize, among other things, because he is straightforward and clear in his communication and clear with what is expected of each person. He dares to make decisions and acts with the best interest of LiU, the department and the division in mind.
- I appreciate this prize, it's a confirmation that I've done something good, said Jordi Altimiras at the awards ceremony.

Jordi has worked at LiU since 2002. He was the subject representative for zoology between 2007 and 2011 and deputy head of divison between 2012 and 2014. He became head of division on January 1, 2018.

In his managerial role, he wants to hear the employees’ ideas on division development. There are many good thoughts and ideas there. When asked why he believes his leadership is so appreciated, he thinks it may be due to his manner of listening to everyone and taking into account everyone's opinions, even those he does not share.
- I also strive to be clear and lead by example, he adds. I think the employees appreciate it. They may not always like what I say, but at least I’m clear.

With the Chief and Leader Award, LiU wants to show that good leadership is a significant success factor for LiU's activities and development. The prize consists of SEK 30,000 to be used for self-development and the pretext for leadership.

Jordi Altimiras is considering how best to use the prize money. - I am thinking about different leadership courses or manager coaching but nothing is decided right now.


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