20 October 2023

Mary Catherine Osman, a doctoral student in sustainable logistics, is one of the recipients of the ICHCA-award 2023.

Mary Catherine Osman.

Foundation for Freight Transport and Logistics Research (ICHCA), dedicated to advancing research in freight transport and logistics, has announced the winners of this year's ICHCA Awards.

"It was unexpected! A real shock to the system. I had forgotten that I had applied for the competition, so you can only imagine the shock of receiving the news," says award winner Mary Catherine Osman.

Mary Catherine Osman explains that the prize means a lot to her.

"I think many doctoral students go around wondering what they are doing and what the purpose of it all is. To receive the prize feels like a boost and confirmation from the world of research that I am on the right track and actually contributing with my work. It feels like I have a seat at the table!"

Mary Catherine Osman is an industrial doctoral student and conducts research at the division of Logistics and Quality Development at Linköping University, as well as at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). She studies the dynamics of logistics networks, relationships between actors, the driving forces behind and barriers to the use of alternative fuels. The project is financed by Triple F, the Swedish Transport Administration's research and innovation program with the aim of contributing to the transition of the Swedish freight transport system to a fossil-free one.

In the spring of 2023, she defended her licentiate thesis titled "Green Logistics Networks: Roles & Symbiotic Relationships." The thesis addresses key success factors for the implementation of fossil-free fuels and how perceived support plays a crucial role in the transition to sustainable logistics.


The ICHA award is intended to recognize the outstanding contributions made by students and researchers who have significantly contributed to the field of freight transport and logistics. Since 2003, the foundation has annually awarded scholarships to students and researchers in Sweden. In total, 80 scholarships have been awarded for master  thesis, and 35 scholarships have been awarded for works based on licentiate and doctoral theses. The selection process for scholarship recipients is carried out by the foundation's board.


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